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EV charging business as a service

Maximise your EV business profit while minimising costs

Do you want to run an EV charging business but are worried about the risks, complexities, and hidden costs? Virta eliminates all of that with our Charging Business as a Service.

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Why Virta Charging Business as a Service?


Fastest time to value with the lowest risks

The EV charging industry is developing rapidly, but building your own solution requires expertise and tons of resources. With Virta, you’ll fast-track launching an EV charging business and be up in a matter of days instead of months. You’ll start unlocking new revenue streams immediately and avoid the risks of losing revenue and market share.


The network that will connect you with the demand

Virta is Europe’s fastest-growing EV charging service provider which gives you instant access to over 200k EV driver customers. Every new registered driver on our platform is a potential customer for you and every new charging station that gets added, provides more value to your customers.


Grow your business while saving on costs

Avoid hidden costs with our customisable end-to-end solutions. In a traditional business, you would need several contracts to have a comprehensive solution and global network. With Virta, you’ll have a single contract which will minimise the cost per customer. As the number of charging sessions increase, your expenses won’t.

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Take charge of your energy consumption

Future-proof your EV charging business and take advantage of our smart energy management capabilities. You’ll be a hero in the quest to support renewable energy and your wallet will thank you too.

Let us take care of the complicated stuff

Building an EV charging business comes with a heavy load of responsibilities and hidden costs. We can take those off your plate and manage every step of the way.

Charging station set-up

Charging station set-up

We’ll provide our pre-configured charging devices and deliver them directly to your site, ready to install with no software expertise needed.

Learn more about Virta managed charging stations
Charging Station Maintenance

Charging Station Maintenance

You won’t have to worry about any issues because we’ll manage the hardware maintenance and firmware updates.

Learn more about our support services
IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure

Our cloud-based platform is always-on and provides you with remote security and energy management.

Learn more about our platform capabilities
Energy Management

Energy Management

Help build a fossil-free future by capitalizing on the EV charging business—all while saving costs and ensuring legislative compliance.

Learn more about our energy management solutions
Payments and Invoicing

Payments and Invoicing

Set your price and we’ll handle the rest. Then just sit back and wait for your monthly payout.

Learn more about our payment options
EV Driver Services

EV Driver Services

We’ll provide your customers with everything they need, including a mobile app where they can pay and receive 24/7 customer support.

Learn more about our end-user services
Roaming Integrations

Roaming Integrations

Your customers will also have access to our extended European charging network through our roaming integrations.

Learn more about roaming
Compliance and Regulations

Compliance and Regulations

From VAT compliance to national laws, EV charging legislations are constantly evolving. We’ll take care of the compliance risks.

Where do you want to be with EV charging?



Leverage EV charging to stay ahead of the competition and provide my customers with basic charging.

  • Set your price for charging - Virta takes care of the rest.
  • Make it public or keep it private - Virta solution fits any user need.
  • Scale up when needed - It’s easy to add new stations or branding when your business grows.


Build an EV charging business to increase revenue from existing customers, attract new customers, gain market share, and enhance my brand.

  • Your customers –your brand - The customer journey already begins at the parking lot.
  • Value for you and your customers - Charging is an important service for your customers, and you can earn extra revenue with it.
  • Minimum effort –maximum benefits - Focus on your core business. We handle the complexities of EV charging.


Create new revenue streams that will be a strategic part of my business portfolio and utilise customer data to create even more business opportunities.

  • Run a multi-country charging service - We support you with scalable and cross-border compliant service.
  • Your customers –your brand - Integrate charging to your brand, utilise data, and improve loyalty.
  • Ready to evolve? - With our customer success management team, we help grow your business to new areas.

Ready to start growing your business with EV charging?

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