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Virta | Charging Solutions - Services & Features

We make station management a breeze

Our EV charging solution provides you with comprehensive and intelligent features that make station management effortless. We also provide you with an all-inclusive package of end-user services that will delight your customers.

Services & Features

Private charging

Public or Private Charging

Depending on your needs, we offer two types of stations that you can choose from. Virta public stations are open to all electric car drivers. Public stations are added to our Virta charging station maps, which EV drivers can use to easily locate and reserve chargers.

Virta private stations are suitable for locations where restricted access to the station is needed, such as residential or office buildings. A private station is only visible on station maps for customers who have access to the station.

Virta | Charging Station Management

Charging Station Management

Our cloud-based solution makes managing hundreds or even thousands of charging stations a breeze. Our solution provides you with remote tools for setting up, customizing, managing, monitoring, and maintaining all of your charging stations in a single place.

Virta | Automated payments & invoicing

Automated Payments and Invoicing

Flexible and automated payments are at the core of a charging business. You set the price and we’ll do the rest. Your customers will be automatically charged from their customer account or payment card after each charging event. The total income is then transferred to you on a monthly basis.

Smart Energy Management Features

Smart Energy Management Features

Our cutting-edge energy management features include Vehicle-to-Grid, Direct Load Management, Adaptive Load Management, and Congestion Management. These features support renewable energy, help balance the grid, and protect you from costly infrastructure upgrades and peak charges.

Learn more about our energy management features

Business Insights

Our business insights feature provides a comprehensive overview of your charging business and helps you follow the key metrics that matter to you. This is a valuable tool for developing your service because it allows you to effortlessly try out various business models and make agile decisions based on consumer behaviour in your location.

Virta | Roaming


In the same way that mobile customers can roam across countries and have one mobile contract, EV drivers can have a single EV charging account that gives them access to charging stations all over the world. Roaming can be a challenging business, and Virta has a proven track record in managing roaming technologies.

Instead of having to make your own roaming agreements, you can make a roaming agreement directly with Virta and we’ll take care of the rest for you. Virta is already part of Europe's widest roaming network and is Europe’s 2nd largest market player in intercharge roaming networks.

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Virta | Branded Mobile App & Customer Communication

Branded Mobile App & Customer Communication

People want to do business with companies they trust. The same is true for EV charging: people will want to charge up with brands they know. We bring your brand to the forefront of EV charging and ensure that the entire user journey has your name on it.

The Virta mobile app can be co-branded or fully branded to your brand. We can also brand all customer communication touch points including your charging stations, registration portal, RFID tags, and direct payment site.

End-User Services and Payment Options

Virta | Mobile app

Mobile Application

The Virta mobile app is available on iOS and Android. With the Virta mobile app, EV drivers can find and reserve stations, start and stop charging, and pay with the method of their choice. 

The intuitive app also lets EV drivers manage their account, add favourite stations, view their charging history, and print charging receipts

Virta | RFID charging tags

RFID Charging Tags

You can also offer your customers RFID charging cards and key fobs. RFID tags are used for identification at charging stations and enable EV drivers to start and end charging sessions. 

The service works on a prepaid basis where your customers can add charging value at any time. All payments are carried out automatically through Virta.

Payment card

One-Time Payment

Unregistered EV drivers can also charge up at your public stations with our one-time payment option. Customers simply choose the device on a one-time payment page, input relevant payment information, and start charging their car. Customers are billed from their payment card after their charging event ends.

Virta | Customer portal

Customer Portal

We also have a brandable, web-based customer portal option for those who aren’t keen on downloading a mobile app. The customer portal allows EV drivers to edit their account information, view their charging history, print receipts, manually increase their account balance, and buy service packages.

What sets Virta apart from other solutions?


We take care of the full value chain and risks

We don’t just provide you with charging devices and support services, but we also take on all of the associated risks related to building an EV charging business. From processing payments to legislative compliance, our comprehensive solution covers every piece — we even bring you customers.

Virta Charging Business as a Service


World's leading energy management features

Our charging solution comes with innovative energy management capabilities. We’ve paved the way for cutting-edge technologies such as Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Direct Load Management (DLM). With Virta, you’ll build a future-proof EV charging business that supports renewable energy, while protecting you from expensive electrical upgrades and excess peak charges.


We’ve got the awards to prove it

When you join Virta, you’ll be part of Europe’s fastest-growing EV charging service provider which has a network of over 200k EV drivers. We truly believe we’ve got the smartest solution on the market, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve been honoured with awards for technology innovations, product brand, and the smartest services.

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